Dust and allergies.

April 17, 2018

Spring is almost up!!! And It's that time to spruce up the home and give it a good cleaning. Many home owners will give their home a quick wipe down on their valuables. Like dressers, tv's, night stands, tables, desktops, etc. In many cases home owners and renters do not focus on replacing HVAC filters monthly or vacuuming often to help lower the dust accumulated in their homes.  


 Most homes today are transitioning to hard wood flooring, tiles, vinyl plank flooring. And can make the home look great. It's something about it that sticks out to give your home a modern day look. 


But how often are you dusting those floors? It looks great to have these floors but may not uphold the dust and pollen accumulated in your home from weeks to months of not cleaning. Once you have moved furniture in the areas that have not been cleaned for some time. The dust can be blown all over and just starts to make one sick or have a strong reaction to the allergies triggered. Allergies can be frustrating while cleaning. If taken correctly using allergy medicines takes time to work, even before the cleaning is done.   


In many cases it is beneficial to have carpet over hardwood and tile flooring to help lower the risk of dust and allergies. Carpet is a great source to install with the filtration throughout the air and circulation from debris flying around. Even having pets with dander can trigger the allergic reaction to someone. 

The I.I.C.R.C. has a great checklist to help you assist with any issues you may want to see while cleaning your home or apartment.


Hiring Lightning Carpet Care not only will assist you on removing a large portion of dust and pet dander in your home. But can also make it smell much better during the time of cleaning. Let us show you our thorough cleaning process to help better assist in hiring us over many companies in Orlando and surrounding areas. We will be a great choice for your home and investment.        

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