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December 14, 2018

If you have used a urine removal solution from a local home or big box store. WAIT!!! There may be a little information you may want to know before using it. One thing is it may help on minor topical stains if it is caught on time. But for consistent areas where a pet goes it may not be beneficial. and can cause issues for the carpet itself. 

This photo shows what a over the counter product does to the fibers when used incorrectly.

Or is not good for the carpet at all. 


 In many cases, when urine is present. It penetrates through the carpet down to the padding all the way down to the subfloor. It depends on how often your pet finds its territory to then urinate in their favorite spot. We at Lightning Carpet Care use what's called a moisture meter or hydro sensor. This tool helps find where the urine is and if it has gone down to the padding. Also it sounds off when it is still moist. Giving us a area we should focus on. 


This image below explains how urine seeps down the carpet into the backing down to the subfloor. 

When cleaning we apply a solution that helps remove the bacteria that causes the odors in the home from the urine salts. Or there is a subsurface extraction which is needed to get deep down into the padding. With that service it involves flooding the urine to then flush it completely out. Also applying a topical enzyme to fight the odors and leave a pleasant smell rather then the urine. 


For services that are in a extreme case padding replacement and subfloor sealant may be suitable rather then flushing. We can always determine that when it is needed. Take a look at this picture below. It shows us replacing padding after applying a sealant to the concrete. Since concrete has pours it is best to use a sealant that will get deep into the pours and cover the areas well enough to never have the odor come back. Once applied the padding will need the be removed and after all is done a thorough carpet cleaning is done.







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