Thorough Carpet Cleaning

December 29, 2017


Some people may not totally understand what a thorough cleaning is. If you received a clean before most companies just go in and spray a pre solution or just use hot water to clean carpets which in most cases depending on the size of the home can run up to 20 minutes to 1 hour. That isn't enough time to do a thorough clean. During that time they will extract with a portable or truck mounted machine and leave carpets wet for a long period of time. Leaving you to wait hours to put your furniture back or even track soils all over again. In your mind as you see the technician clean your carpets your thinking that it is making a difference if a stain is removed and appears to be clean. But are they really? Ask your self how much of that soil was removed? How long do I wait to walk on the carpets again? How long will it take to dry?


The Hot Water Extraction Lightning Carpet Care uses is very thorough! Taking our time on the vacuuming and cleaning is a great way to remove most soils accumulated in the carpets. These steps provided will help you understand how important it is to maintain a healthier home. And choosing the right methods vs. just a in and out cleaning. 

  • Pre Vacuum 

  • Pre Treatment

  • Pre Agitation

  • Rinse

  • Air Movers 

  • Post Grooming

 With just these methods it can bring longevity to your investment. And knowing that you have received a thorough cleaning. With just these steps taken it will keep your home pleased and smelling fresh. 



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