Professional carpet cleaning vs. Do it yourself

January 27, 2018




Do you ever have trouble getting those pesky stains or odors out? Do you have a gathering coming up? And you've tried everything? From using your own cleaner or even renting a rug machine that barely made a difference and left stains or better yet a bad odor? With improper equipment and dry times. It makes it tough to do what is possible for you and make a noticeable difference. In todays market a large percentage of carpets now are made out of recycled products. One thing, is that it is clean for our environment and also very green.

But the other would be how hard it is to clean. In most cases rentals or ownership of a cleaner is not affective. Wether it is Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene, or Olefin they are a very large selection that is purchased in many homes. With so many types of cleaning methods!!! One can wonder which is best to help you? 


Calling a true professional can not only help you from back pain, frustration, time,

& further damage. But you can also save yourself from cases like these. Rather then putting a product that may not be affective on those types of carpets. Or turning a small case into a large amount of issues. In many cases improper dilution, or not knowing what is in the product may not be of help. Other moments can arise from removing the stain to then having it arise on the same day or a few days later after cleaning it. With using a rug machine carpets stay wet longer and may not properly extract enough moisture to get the floors dried correctly. Many over the counter products or watching HOW TO Videos have damaged carpets in cases where there may be bleached stains or residue left behind from improper removal.


In our industry we would advise you to not always follow HOW TO VIDEOS. It may be cost affective and you may get results.

But taking a chance on damaging what may already be a problem to your investment may not always be the right solution.


Calling Lightning Carpet Care will not only assist you from the issue but also help you remove most stains and making your home smell fresh and clean. With our latest tools from the cleaning industry.  One of our main goal is to make sure the carpet is dry to the touch at about 75 to 95%, rather then leaving carpets wet for hours. Which will also lower the chance of odors and stains to come back.

Our 30 day warranty on carpet cleaning helps you be at ease knowing that we will guarantee our service 100%.   


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