Lowest Prices In Carpet Cleaning

December 20, 2017

It's very understanding how paying a low cost on a service may help you with budgeting and finances. But as the saying goes, (You get what you pay for!). In videos like this one on Youtube.


They show you how some companies may pull a bait and switch to get in the doors. Many times companies have technicians who are on commission based pay and will lean on up selling you services. Which is understanding! We have families and cost of living that is involved. It may not be best to rent a rug machine or own a home steamer that will not have the power or proper solution to treat these type of situations. Whether it is soiled stains or Pet Pee.


Keep in mind a majority of times these rentals are not disinfected after use. They are typically put on the shelf right after being returned to the store. And that's not something you would want to have running against your carpets. 


Lightning Carpet Care will be your go to for your cleaning needs. Lightning does a thorough cleaning to help cut down the soil levels to keep your carpets rejuvenated and smelling fresh. Lightning Carpet Care wont up sell, only listen to your needs on your request. Lightning also does not have the need to pick here and there on pricing as we offer the service all in one set price so that it is comfortable for you and your investment.   



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