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Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)

There is a huge market for this type of flooring. It is replacing a multitude of carpets and tile. It is easier to mop with a flat microfiber mop or wipe with a household towel.

But, is it easier to clean? As a DYI'er, it is easier to maintain over the other types of flooring like wood, tile, and carpet. You can simply mop or wipe away a spill of some sort. Where you do not have to worry about staining like carpet or grout. Pet urine does not affect it where carpet absorbs these forms of accidents.

The longevity of these floors can go for some time with care and proper maintenance. But, oh yes, there is a "but", you're likely going to have to call a professional with the right tools to clean in between the tiny crevices that a mop or steamer cannot get into.

With LVP flooring there are a few planks that vary. Some have an adhesive backing, some need a glue application to the subfloor, and some click together during install.

Taking proper steps before hiring a company for cleaning must know the differences between the few. That is why calling Lightning Carpet Care of Apopka can help you get your floors to look clean again. Give them a call at (407)864-9680 or book online at


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