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Have you purchased a new home? Or better yet have you had the carpets in your current home replaced? Lightning Carpet Care offers repairs on carpet and padding. Many homes have wrinkles that need attention so that it is not a trip hazard in your own home.

Lightning Carpet Care uses heavy duty tools to take care of those wrinkles that were caused by lack of installation or dragging furniture across the room leading into wrinkles. After inspection Lightning Carpet Care can determine what is best to lock in those carpets so that you'll never have wrinkle form again. 


Including pad replacement! There are moments where this task can be handy on pet odors and just over bearing smells lurking in your carpets. Every pad varies on size and thickness. But can be a challenge if the rooms are not cleared. Let Lightning Carpet Care inspect the areas so that it is determined if you should go with a pad replacement.  

Carpt Repair / Patch
Carpet Repairs
Carpet Torn From Pets
Carpet Torn From Pets Along The Wall
Carpet Torn At The Bedroom Entry
Carpet Torn From Pets.
Carpet Repaired (After)
Carpet Repaired (After)
Padding Replaced From Pet Damages
Carpet Wrinkles On A Newly Built Home
Carpet Wrinkles On A Newly Built Home (A
Carpet Wrinkles (Before)
Carpet Wrinkles (After)

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