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Tile Cleaning In Apopka

Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery takes a toll from everyday use or dust buildup. Even our pets love to find a place to lie occasionally and use our furniture to get a good nap. Our comfortable chairs are our resting place when we work long hours or the kids want to watch a movie as a family. We use the pieces without knowing the levels of body oils, dead skin, pet dander, and more that can accumulate on our upholstery.

Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. From a custom order to a delicate fabric needing some attention. Our cleaning process allows us to check the fabric of the upholstery. We can determine the right products for our cleaning application. Most tags can tell you what the inside has, but not the fabric, so we test before anything is applied. Lightning Carpet Care also inspects each cushion to know if a spill or pet accident went more profound than the eye can see.

Upholstery cleaning with Lightning Carpet Care is a great way to keep your furniture looking clean and have longlasting results. Call us, or you can book online by clicking the link above. We are your Apopka and Orlando area source for your upholstery cleaning needs.

Click our social media links below to see tons of before and after photos and videos of our cleanings.  


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