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Tile Cleaning In Apopka

Tile and Grout Cleaning

Tiles and Grout can build a high soil level after years of mopping products that cause more harm than good. Your Grout starts to look darker in the opened areas versus an area underneath your furniture or rugs covering those sections that are not exposed. When you see that it is not looking good, that is where we can help you make your floors look good again. We can do a walk-through with you and see what and where we can make a difference to the Grout and tile. Once you get the results, we recommend a sealer application to help add longevity to the cleaning results.   

Tile and Grout Cleaning with Lightning Carpet Care is a great way to keep your floors looking clean. Call us, or you can book online by clicking the link above. We are your Apopka's and Orlando's source for your Tile and Grout cleaning needs.

Click our Lightning Carpet Care social media links below to see tons of before and after photos and videos of our cleanings.  


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