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Repairing Carpet Wrinkles

Lightning Carpet Care can repair carpet wrinkles through a process known as carpet stretching or re-stretching. Here's how it works:

  1. Inspection: The technicians from Lightning Carpet Care will first inspect the carpet to assess the extent of the wrinkles and identify any potential issues causing them.

  2. Furniture Removal: If necessary, they may move furniture or obstacles that are obstructing the carpet.

  3. Power Stretching: Using specialized tools, the technicians will power stretch the carpet. This involves pulling the carpet taut and reattaching it to the tack strips along the edges of the room.

  4. Trimming: Any excess carpet is trimmed to ensure a neat and tight fit.

  5. Reinstallation of Furniture: Once everything is repaired, we recommend furniture sliders to be used when moving heavy furniture cannot be lifted.

Carpet stretching eliminates wrinkles and ripples, making the carpet look smooth and flat. It not only improves the appearance but also prolongs the life of the carpet by reducing wear and tear. Lightning Carpet Care's professional services can help restore your carpet's original look and functionality.


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